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Canada Pardon & U.S. Waiver Experts serve as advocates for Canadians who wish to have their criminal records sealed, making it […]

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Entry Waivers


You will need a waiver to enter the United States if you have a criminal record in Canada. If you […]

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Visas & Immigration


Sometimes, Canadians need to visit the United States for extended periods of time, beyond a short vacation or a visit […]

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We are Here to Understand Your Situation & Help You Regain Your Freedom

Canada Pardon & US Waivers Experts provides solutions for Canadian citizens with criminal records who want to obtain a record suspension/pardon, or anyone looking to simplify the process of obtaining a US waiver or other type of travel visa. Our dedicated professional case workers have over 10 years of experience providing these services and more across Canada.

Our goal is to provide a superior level of professionalism and service to all our clients, helping them obtain pardons, US waivers and visas in a timely and efficient manner, so they can move on to live fulfilling, productive lives.

Changes in Canadian laws and U.S. Homeland Security practices have made taking care of these tasks even more daunting and confusing than in years past. At Canada Pardon & US Waiver Experts, we take all the stress out of obtaining a Canadian pardon or a U.S. travel waiver, and even expedite the process wherever possible. Our case workers provide each client with individualized attention, ensuring that whichever service you need is the service you get. We vow to treat every client with integrity and respect, providing hassle-free service so our clients can get on with their lives.

Canada Pardon & US Waiver Experts work to save our clients time and money on all pardon and waiver applications. Applying for a pardon or a waiver on your own can be a difficult process; applications submitted incorrectly can be returned or denied and the associated fees may be non-refundable. Our fees are affordable, and you get the additional peace of mind of knowing that your applications will always be completed and submitted correctly.

For more information about how we can be of service to you, please fill out our confidential  Contact Form and one of our expert case workers will be in touch with you shortly.

Success Stories

Professional, organized, honest and understanding – this is Julie, who I was so lucky to find. The whole process of […]


I approached Julie because I was required to obtain a US waiver for entry into the USA. Canada Pardon and […]


I’d like to thank you for your professional help in my matter. Today I received a letter from U.S. Customs […]